Grandstand Ticket

  • Location:
    World Dog Show 2019 Shanghai – Hall 1 of the SWEECC;
    The 8 th Shanghai International Pet Fair – Hall 4 of the SWEECC
  • Ticketing:
    Special ticket package (Venue entrance + grandstand admission)
    Price: USD20/piece for single person each show day
    Booking Deadline: April 10, 2019
    Note:Limited admission (200 tickets daily) to the grandstand of Main Ring in Hall 1.
  • Please enter the main ring with ticket after 14:00 during the event.

Please claim tickets at the Information Desk in Hall 1 with your Paypal order (Specific location and time to be confirmed soon)

Main Ring Activities Arrangement
WDS 2019 Shanghai: Main Ring Activities Schedule
Date Time Event
April 30th 14:00-14:40 Opening Ceremony of WDS 2019 Shanghai
14:50-16:20 BIS- Shanghai Winner Show 2019 (CAC)
16:30-16:50 Dog Dance Performance
17:00-18:30 BIS- APAC Championship Show 2019 (CACIB)
May 1st 10:30-13:00 Agility Event
14:00-15:30 BIS- Eastern China Championship Show 2019 (CAC)
15:40-16:00 Dog Dance Performance
16:10-17:40 BIS- CKU International Championship Show 2019 (CACIB)
May 2nd 09:00-14:00 CKU Grooming Challenge 2019
15:00-16:30 BIG- WDS 2019
16:40-17:00 Dog Dance Performance
17:10-18:30 World Dog Show 2019 BRACE
World Dog Show 2019 BREEDERS
World Dog Show 2019 PROGENY
May 2nd 10:00-13:00 Dog Defense Testing 2019
13:30-15:00 BIG- WDS 2019
15:10-15:30 Dog Dance Performance
15:40-17:10 BIS- China APAC Championship Show 2019 (CAC)
17:20-19:00 BIS- WDS 2019

* Any changes subject to the official announcement by the Organizer.
* WDS BIG & BIS and other BIS will be held in the main ring.

  • Tickets should not be resold or traded.
  • The grandstand has no fixed seat numbers, please enter the main ring with admission ticket after 14:00.
  • One dog entered shows will be provided with two admission tickets of Venue Entrance. The grandstand ticket can be purchased separately.

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