World Dog Shows Shanghai 2019

30th April 2019 - 3rd May 2019

Junior Handling


Date: 1 May 2019
Entry Deadline: 22/04/2019 (15:00)
Entry Fee: 75 USD

Competition Procedure:

* Groups
Professional Group: CKU members with handler qualifications of A\B\C levels
Overseas Group: participants from foreign countries
Pre-professional Group: CKU members without handler qualification levels

* Open Competition
The judge selects best three (3) of the Overseas Group and Pre-professional Group separately without placing them. The six (6) handlers are qualified to participate in the final competition;
The judge selects best six (6) of the Professional Group to the final competition, without placing them.
(Competition procedure of the Professional Group: select best six of Qualification C to compete with Qualification B, from whom re-select best six to compete with Qualification A, and do the best six selection once again to final competition )

* Final Competition
The best twelve (12 ) handlers compete together in the final competition. The judge selects the best three (3) participants and places them accordingly.


Date: 2-3 May 2019
Entry Deadline: 22/04/2019 (15:00)
Entry Fee: 45 USD

At the WDS 2019 there will be a Junior Handling competition on May 2-3 (Thursday, Friday) for the title: World Winner Junior Handling 2019

There will be pre-rounds in the ‘Junior Handling Ring’ on Thursday and Friday there will be the semi-final and the final in the main ring.

The national representatives of the various FCI-countries are directly qualified to the final without entry fee ( Please provide us the name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, email address of the junior handler and the breed & Chip number of the dog via ). All other Junior Handlers, age 10-18 years can enter via our entry system (Please upload passport copy of the participant).

Judging is according the the FCI rules for Junior Handling:

Junior Handling Online Registration


Blai Llobet (ESP)
Blai Llobet (ESP)
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  1. Dogs must be over one year old and conform to breed standard;
  2. Handling breed can not be changed after entry deadline (In case of special situations, please email us to change the handling breed and re-make payment);
  3. Participants get their armbands (left arm) by showing passports or payment voucher. ( Specific date and place to be announced )
  4. Payment is nonrefundable once made.

Any enquiry, please call us: 0086-010-53936428、53936875、53936876 or email us: