World Dog Shows Shanghai 2019

30th April 2019 - 3rd May 2019

Accommodation & Transportation

CKU will get Quarantine Waiver for overseas dogs. Please take note that as part of the agreement to secure Quarantine Waiver, the SHCIQ strictly requires that all foreign dogs entering China via Shanghai airports must be accommodated in the hotel designated.

Venus International Hotel (Shanghai International Tourist Resort Shenjiang South Road)
Address: No. 4888, Shenjiang South Rd, Pudong New District, Shanghai 200120, China.
Distance: 40 minutes from hotel to show venue.

Kindly be noted that airport shuttle service( airport hotel and hotel show venue during show days ) will be provided. You can also order the special car service as follows:

Car Rental

Note: 1 cage of size 4 equals to 2 cages of size 2. Quarantine car rental does not provide cages (please bring them yourselves).
(parameters of size 2 cage: 57x36x36 cm; size 4 cage: 81x57x68 cm)

Car Model Start Price
Start Distance
Start time
Distance exceeded
Time exceeded
(with a driver)
150.00 80 10 1.00 10.00 with dogs: 3 people can carry 5 cages of size 2, or 3 people carry 3 cages of size 4. without dogs: limit ‐ 6 people.
15-seat passenger bus
(with a driver)
115.00 80 10 1.00 7.50 with dogs: 8 people can carry 14 cages of size 2, or 7 people can carry 7 cages of size 4. without dogs: limit ‐ 14 people.

Click here for car rental online reservation

At the exchange rate of 1 USD=6.9377 CNY published by Bank of China on October 29, 2018 and we will reserve the right to make up the exchange rate difference with year 2019.

Any enquiry, please email to or call to +86-18672920897 (Ms. Cao Yang).

Important: The designated Venus hotel and Quarantine requirements are only for foreign exhibitors who enter China via Shanghai airports. Otherwise, please find hotels and contact local authority in which city you will arrive for quarantine regulations on your own. In this context, any problems arise will be at your own risk.