World Dog Show Shanghai 2019

2nd May 2019 - 3rd May 2019

Exhibition / Events

2019 Shanghai World Dog Show Respect Life, Love World!

A Joyful Gethering for dog lovers and lovely dogs across the world!
A Grand Event returning to Asia after a long expectation of 37 years!

The FCI World Dog Show, Olympics in canine world which is organized once a year and takes in entries from all over the world, is renowned for its largest scale and most valuable awards.

China Kennel Union (CKU) is greatly honoured to host the FCI World Dog Show 2019 in Shanghai city. Whereupon, you will enjoy the unique show as well as numerous dog-related activities in all respects, such as Grooming competition, Handler contest, Agility show, IPO, Obedience show and other interesting sporting activities. During the period of show, there will also be differently themed seminars to enrich your knowledge on dogs and exhibitors home and abroad joining us with comprehensive pet items.

The FCI World Dog Show will help spread the passion and love on dogs from all other countries to China while CKU will take this great occasion to proceed with promotion on Companion Animal Culture as well as Loving Dog Culture in China to make the public themselves feel the charming cute of dogs and arouse the attention of the whole society to protect them. That will be an importand and meaningful step forward in terms of companion animal protection and welfare in China when the public views is positively changed.

To expect the exciting moment of World Dog Show 2019!
To witness the rising glory of canine sport in China!
To get together in the big family of Love!

FCI World Dog Show 2019 (Shanghai • China)
Now, CKU is well-prepared and looks forward to your participation!